Show-performance «Clonenode»

Show-performance «Clonenode»

Show-performance "Clownland" - a colorful presentation for the whole family.

"Clownland" is an amazing interactive performance. Together with cheerful clowns, the show's audience will plunge into the cycle of funny games and jokes and reprises, they can indulge in plenty, and also help the main characters to pass all the tests in search of the country of "Clownland"!

"Clownland" is a new format of the show, in which every spectator will feel involved in what is happening on the stage. This is a performance that charges with optimism and fun not only children, but also adults. And it also in a playful and unobtrusive form shows the young theater guests how important it is to be able to dream and have real friends in life!

The show lasts 60 minutes.


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