Christmas Tree with play Moments scatsta

Christmas Tree with play Moments scatsta

-Whether you want to study happiness? -Yes-who? -In children, And the children then what to do? -Children - to live is the most happiness! But as widely as possible, and then to share, to get used to sharing that happiness with friends, peers and the closest.. Feeling really happy.. to See the happiness of his young friend and be happy for him and I should be able to, that we can and should learn About happiness.. we need to talk, to dream, to think and reflect. Maybe it's not children's themes, but they are the most important, the most happy! About what's most important and elusive this performance will be MOMENTS of HAPPINESS for children on the book of the modern writer, a presenter on the TV channel Culture, radio Silver rain - Alex Dubas. Touching and lyrical play, full of humor and lightness.A play about subtle and invisible things.


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