KKT «Space»

KKT «Space»

Ekaterinburg, Dzerzhinskogo street, 2

Today, the Kosmos cinema and Concert theater is the largest center of social, political and cultural life of Yekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk region. It hosts international forums, regional congresses, as well as events related to the economic and cultural development of our country. "Cosmos" gives Ekaterinburg residents and guests of the Sverdlovsk region the opportunity to meet with their favorite actors of theater and cinema at their creative evenings.


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Playbill for the next few days

Alessandro Safina
Mar 22, 19:00 Fr
3500 - 5500
Mar 28, 19:00 Th
2400 - 10000
TREE. Great tour 18/19
Apr 2, 19:00 Tu
2200 - 4500